Mission Statement

ELITE VISION is committed to providing the highest quality vision care, ocular disease management and treatment of eye conditions associated with systemic pathology.  We feature the most advanced and innovative optical products to best serve our patients.  Our practice is equipped with the latest medical technology and we focus on exceeding  the expectations of our patients.


State of the Art Equipment

ELITE VISION is proud to be one of the most technologically advanced eye clinics in the United States.  Our practice is completely computer integrated, with all your medical records electronically produced, encrypted to protect your privacy, and stored.  Our state of the art testing and examination equipment is fully integrated into your medical record to ensure the most advanced level of care and comparison of your vision exams from year to year.  We are one of only a few practices in the state of Colorado to utilize the Topcon CV-5000 refraction systems which results in the most accurate determination of your glasses prescription and a seamless integration into your medical record. Our digital refraction system enables us to prescribe digital, high-definition lenses that result in the best vision for our patients.


Optical Laboratory

ELITE VISION has an in house optical laboratory and utilizes the most advanced lens materials and designs to provide the best optical products to our patients in a timely manner.  At ELITE VISION we focus on you and will provide you with premium ophthalmic products to best serve you!

There has been significant innovation in the development of progressive or no line bifocal lenses.  We have partnered with the most technologically advanced labs in the US to provide our patients with the most advanced progressive lenses that provide more comfortable vision and significantly less distortion than progressive lenses available only a few years ago.  The new digitally surfaced progressive lenses are manufactured within 1/100th of a diopter, which results in incredible clarity at all distances.  We also offer task specific progressive lenses designed specifically for computer work and other intermediate distance activities.